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Let me BE your One Stop Shop

Be honest with yourself, can you relate with any of these questions:

  • Do you have pain that is limiting you from fully performing how you want?

  • Do you want to build muscle and transform your body?

  • Do you want to get the results you want without hours of cardio?

  • Are you fed up with spending money on boutique fitness experiences that don't give you the attention or results you want?

If so, I am your Coach!

  • As a doctor of physical therapy for 4 years and certified strength and conditioning coach for 3+ years, I can provide you not only with the tools to treat your pain, but also develop an efficient and effective workout program to reach your fitness goals. 

  • Want to talk to me about it? Click "I'm in!" and fill out an application

  • Once I review it, I will be reaching out to you to set up a phone call to get to know more about you and answer any other questions you may have.


So, what does this "One Stop Shop" come with?

  • A 12 week customized training program catered to your specific needs ($1,000 value)

  • 1 initial virtual evaluation ($200 value)

  • 1x/week virtual treatment sessions (~$1,600 value)

  • Daily check-ins with me ($2,000 value)

  •  A support group with other clients that you can talk to and journey through these next 12 weeks with

This is more than a $5,000 value over 3 months, but I am offering it to you for a fraction of that!

Also, it should be noted that I am selective when taking on clients. Before I take you on I want to: 

  • Make sure I am the right fit for YOU- being able to provide you with exactly what you need

  • Make sure you are just as invested in this program as I am

I don't just want to change your body in 3 months and be done- I am trying to create a permanent lifestyle change. If, you are ready for that, then let's do this!

Dear Future Client,

I know you value your health.

I know you have been struggling with pain and reaching your fitness goals.

I know you're drained from hours of cardio.

I know you're frustrated with putting money towards all these things that don't seem to be providing you with the results you want. 

I am here for you! It's time to put YOU first and get rid of your pain while also reaching your fitness goals.

You can continue to struggle through your current routine that is NOT fully addressing ALL of your needs OR you can commit to 12 weeks with me where I can help conquer your pain AND get you the results you've been struggling to get.


What do you mean by "One Stop Shop"?

  • Do you find yourself having to repeat yourself to multiple health professionals?

  • Are you frustrated with hearing conflicting messages from a physical therapist, personal trainer AND fitness instructor?

  • Are you tired of spending money on multiple health professionals to get the results you want?

If you find yourself nodding your head "yes" to any of these (or even all) here's a sigh of relief...

  • I am your "one stop shop".

  • I am your physical therapist AND strength and conditioning coach. 

  • Save time and money, and sanity (let's be real) and work with me!

  • When does the 12 week program begin?
    • July 6th!​
    • End date: October 4th
  • How many clients are you taking this round?
    • 2​
  • When does the application have to be done?
    • No later than June 29th!​
    • Need at least 4 days to create 1st phase of program after the initial evaluation
    • If you can schedule an evaluation at any earlier time than June 29th, please do!
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